What does the program cost?

A recent State of the Industry report noted that "Small organizations with fewer than 500 employees spent on average $1,888 per employee . . . in 2013."

Tips for Supervisors provides high value training to small, medium and large organizations at a tiny fraction of this cost.
The Tips for Supervisors program is sold to small, medium and large organizations. The fee for internal organizational use of the tips is $1,000 for a tip every two weeks, or 26 tips a year. This means for less than $20 a week, supervisors and their bosses can be provided a tip every other week.
Hughes Consulting can either be provided an email list of staff to receive tips and then email the tip every two weeks to the list; or send the tip to the agency for internal distribution. The privacy of the list is maintained and it is not used for any other purpose, including marketing other skill development aids.
The cost per tip per week drops dramatically as the size of the organization increases. For example, a small organization that desires a bi-weekly tip for 25 supervisors/bosses pays about $1.50 per supervisor every time they receive a tip. A medium sized organization with 50 supervisors/bosses pays little over 75 cents per supervisor every time a tip is sent. A larger organization with 100 supervisors/bosses pays 39 cents per staff every two-weeks.
The Tips for Supervisors program is cost-effective for any sized organization. Also, if after a month, an organization feels the tips add no value for their supervisors, the annual fee will be refunded.


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