About the program

Tips for Supervisors provides a power-packed, one page tip every two weeks by email. It is concise, briefly explained and includes a quotation which reinforces the theme.
The tip is a "best practice" that can be implemented without further training, helping supervisors meet key responsibilities, communicate better, be a good motivator, improve training, engage creative problem-solving, manage meetings, plan performance, evaluate staff, build a team, manage their boss, manage change, delegate effectively, and build leadership skills.
The tip can be emailed to the supervisor’s boss as well, promoting support and providing further incentive to the supervisor to develop the skill and master the technique.
The fundamental learning philosophy is that busy supervisors are more likely to try one thing to improve skills than many. Learning works best when it is bite-sized and not overly complex. Honing essential skills one small step at a time increases the odds for long term success. For supervisors already using the "best practice," the tip reinforces continuing this supervisory technique and, possibly, fine tuning it.
The Tips for Supervisor program recognizes that first-line supervisors usually are busy both doing and supervising work. The time available for learning and applying new skills is limited, making useful, quick, efficient learning strategies essential.


On the job

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