Why do you want to be a supervisor?

There are 16 statements listed below related to why someone might want to be a first-line supervisor. Please identify the eight (8) factors that most reflect why you might want to be a supervisor or why you agreed to accept a supervisory position. Please be candid in selecting your eight responses.


 Reasons For Becoming a Supervisor A Reason Important To You
1. I would secure a higher status in the organization.
2. I could improve or sustain the quality of the work done.
3. I would no longer have to do much of the boring or distasteful line level work.
4, It would provide me with new work challenges.
5, I would have more control over what was being done and who does it.
6. I could strengthen or sustain the training provided to work team members.
7. I could treat worker team members the way they should be treated.
8. It would give me more authority over people.
9. I would have greater flexibility on how I dressed for work.
10. My pay would be higher.
11. I would have a chance to improve or sustain customer service.
12. I would have greater flexibility on how I use my time.
13. I would have a better work environment and space.
14. I could improve or sustain the productivity of the work team.
15. It would give me the chance to learn new things.
16. It would get me out from under a mediocre boss.
Total Points

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Scoring and Interpretation
Review your eight selections. Give yourself 5 points each if you selected numbers 3,4,5,6,7,11,14, and 15. You get 0 points for each of the other eight selections.
From an organization’s standpoint, the highest and best score you could get is 40 points. The closer your score is to 40 the more likely the organization you work for will be excited and supportive about you becoming a supervisor and fulfilling that role. A high score suggests your motivation for supervising is compatible with what most organizations want from their supervisors. The further away you are from 40 points, the larger the gap between your reasons for being a supervisor and those the organization might have for you to be in this important role.




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